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As the fortune cookies predicted, we did get everything today. Does that mean we were nice? :) For those of you who wonder what we’re talking about, we invite you to read our journey in Ostrava. For now we concentrate on the playful Katowice that filled our hearts with joy. And indeed things seem to happen by some divine arrangement :D The moment we set foot on the weirdly modern Katowice, Oxana’s attention is attracted by some distant chirping sounds of children playing.

That was our cue. We gotta go there. So we did. And indeed one never goes wrong when it comes to children having fun in a water fountain. It can’t be anything but fun. So yes, again we must say it was the best day so far. But I think we can just assume from now on that each day will be the best and leave it to that :) Kids are simple. Just play the music and they do the rest. Once they get into it, just try to keep up with them cause they’re gonna create a riot! :) We ended all soaked up. They wanted to show us what a water play really means. So the footage we filmed today will definitely put an interesting spin on our SMiLE video to come.

There would also be a lot to say about Katowice itself. The city looks sooooo architecturally modern and funked up. Everywhere you look you can see cool cuts, sharp corners and edgy creativity. Indeed one of the coolest cities so far. Vienna was the classicat and Katowice the most extraterestrial one. You can see in the pictures below.

We are already on the way to Berlin and I’m sure tomorrow will have some more great stories to tell. Never know what to expect from the next day, but we definetly know it’s gooing to be just great! See ya tomorrow. Until then…

Just SMiLE SMiLE SMiLE !!! :)

Dancing kids

Chasing Omkara





  1. Danae

    July 7, 2015 (23:55) Reply

    omg that is so cute!!

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