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Venice left a watery mark in our memories. And generally, travelling Europe made us discover new and new things. After Venice, in the evening we found an empty field where we could drive and call it a night. Far away from all the city noise we could admire the clear sky full of stars and… tractors. What? Yeah… tractors. What do you mean? I mean in the morning. What happened in the morning? Well.. after a sound sleep we wake up in a sunny morning far away from the highway, but right in the middle of a tractor way, so probably the ‘agriculturals’ had a a good laugh and talk of the day. But yeah… aren’t we used to that :P

Ljublijana was the last city on the first part of our SMiLE tour. It was a short and sweet visit. Actually it was a record stay of one hour. Took our pictures, did our video and on we went.

And yes, we still have 1000 km to get back. We’ll be passing Hungary again, but this time near Balaton lake which I think we’ll pay a visit. Tomorrow we’ll have our conclusions drawn and our last bath on the way. Don’t miss it. Until then…

Just SMiLE !!! :D

And listen here to the song we SMiLE and dance every day :)






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