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Venice is a spectacle, a multicolored joy for the eyes. It was our first time there so knew only the bits and pieces we heard from others and seen in pics. What we didn’t expect was it to be … an island :) or more like it… many small islands. Venice proper is very small. You need to go over a looong bridge/road kind of thing. The 4-lane highway takes you over there and all of a sudden just… ends. We were shocked. 200 m after Venice begins, all roads end. We thought we just don’t know our way around, but we finally understood that Venice is a walk only city. Duuuh!

So yes, when you need to get somewhere, you take a Taxi; a boat taxi that is. Everything is alive in Venice. From the Gondolas floating down the ‘streets’ of Venice, to the narrow walkways with tall raggedy buildings, to the laundry hanged on the balconies, to the small cute restaurants with romantic ‘mariachis’ playing on the moonlight. It all takes you back to the times when things were simpler; people walked instead flying, shouted from one balcony to the other instead of using cellphones and rowed their way to work :)

We danced all over the place. I mean literally, almost. We just went and danced wherever we felt like it. People were checking us out and having fun and few joined or waved at us, SMiLEed and had fun. Although the heat was over the top and could barely take a step without sweating, we managed to get very nice shots of the surroundings. We will let you in on a few right here below ;)

We are getting ready for the grand finally of the first part of our SMiLE tour, so be sure to check us out tomorrow also. Until then…

Just SMiLE !!! :D

And listen here to the song we SMiLE and dance every day :)












  1. Milena

    August 17, 2015 (15:15) Reply

    you guys are awesome!!!

    • modiwo

      August 17, 2015 (15:53) Reply

      Hehe! Thanks Milena! Just doing our ‘job’ :D DD

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