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You feel the change as soon as you enter Switzerland. There’s something totally different about it. Maybe it’s the Alps, maybe it’s the cows grazing everywhere, maybe it’s the black cats that oddly sit in the middle of the fields (really we saw 4 of them in different places). In any case, Bern was … different from anything we’ve seen.

We didn’t know much about it so no idea what to expect (did you know that for few years Einstein used to live here. See our pictures below ;) We were surprised by how cute this city it is. 125.000 inhabitants for a capital is quite little but that makes for a very personal experience. The town resembles a very medieval city with a wide and deep river going right through the center of it all reminding one of Venice with it’s water to the windows. People’s fun was to just go in the fresh blue water and let themselves go downstream at a big speed. The funniest guy had an extendable rope (maybe bungee) tied to a 30 m high bridge. Holding onto it, he was taking his surfboard and going down the river until the rope was tight enough to pull him up stream and start surfing. Really cool stuff.

Also our SMiLE dance was special. We found about 8-9 guys on some 2 wheel stand-up scooters, which were happy to drive around us while we played our song. It was so cool. All of a sudden we were again the center of attention of tourists which gathered around us thinking that it’s some organized show or something.

So Bern was really fun. We took a lot of pics. Check them out below. Next stop… yeah baby… Venice. Until then…

Just SMiLE !!! :D

And listen here to the song we SMiLE and dance every day :)












  1. Danae Bloise

    July 17, 2015 (22:58) Reply

    Awesome!! Looks like fun!!!!!!!!!!

  2. modiwo

    July 18, 2015 (00:08) Reply

    It iiiiiiis! :D Thanks Danae! We’re getting really good footage. The video’s gonna be a blast :)

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