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Incredible! This is the 3rd day on the SMiLE tour and it seems to be getting better and better. Today we had the hottest group ever! :) Starring at the clear (brown) Danube and the boats and restaurants on the shores, we noticed a very colorful skateboarders group. Approaching them was the easiest thing in the world. They were ready to dance and SMiLE. So we did. And it was greatest fun yet.

And generally Vienna was so full of life. Lots of tourists and people ‘out in the city’, fancy carriages ready to take you anywhere, human taxies with their small bicycle ‘locomotive’, huuuuge Stephandom, Mozart’s house, narrow streets with tall buildings and riddling baroque sculptures all over, guys dressed in medieval costumes inviting you to opera etc etc. All in all a dynamic city with lots of stories to tell. From all of them, Oxana inevitably chose the biggest ice-cream she could find. And yes… she’s still eating that for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

We will let you enjoy few of the pics we took around there with the horsies, with the … buildings and stuff and feel you are with us… cause you really are. Maybe not when we sleep, but we think about you guys all the time. Or at least few times a day when we remember we should write the blog :)

Already heading towards Czech Republic. We can’t wait to meet our friends from Ostrava, the industrial factory city more well know for the cool musical festival ‘Colors of Ostrava’. We’ll have some surprises from there also. Keep coming back and we’ll deliver ;)

Just SMiLE!!!

rest well, be good and do good! Kisses from the travelling part of Modiwo!

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