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The factory of SMiLEs (Modiwo) arrives is Ostrava (the city of factories). This is our 4th city on our tour and a very special one. Here is the place where we could take our first real shower and could afford fancy things like… water, soap and a real toilet :D All of these thanks to our friend Tomas who lives here.

He was also the guest start of our SMiLE dance, so BIG thumbs up for him and his nice refreshments that he prepared for us ;) Ostrava is a very peculiar city. Reminds me of an upside down sock. What you would expect to have on the outside, you find on the inside :) Like no other city I’ve seen, Ostrava’s downtown is made of factories. I mean really. You can see the nice factory horizon in our picture below. Because they are so in the center of the city, this years, the music festival ‘Colors of Ostrava’ is organized in a factory compound. Cool idea actually: coloring the grey scale of the factories. Although not sure so much about the health hazards around there :)

Anyways, our stay in Ostrava was very fruitful and even future predicting. We had some reeeealy nice fortune cookies and now we know that tomorrow’s gonna be a lucky day. We’ll get everything! (check out the pics below ;) Let’s see what that means. Katowice, get ready for some SMiLEs!

Just SMiLE!!!

Flip Factories




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