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 Day 2, success number 2 :) It all started in a Romanian highway parking lot. I mean really, it seemed like every other car coming in was Romanian. We started choosing more carefully where we sleep because some highway parkings are noisier and some are quieter. The farther away from the road they are, the quieter they get. And honestly… we miss Hungarian toilets :D Simply the best. Let’s hope Slovakians have the excuse of putting more effort into art or… something :)

Anyways, next we find ourselves in a beautiful Bratislava, marked with wide streets and … funky workers :D We almost got a video of us dancing with a construction crew over there. When we already started the SMiLE song on the speaker and guys were wiggling their bellies, unfortunately a pretty upset boss came and kicked us out from the construction site :( So now we understand Slovakians are not about toilets or art, but all about construction :D Taking it really serious. So we decided to hit them where it hurts the most and Hulk our way through the city. See the pictures below :) (Tudor should have been here)

But for real. They have beautiful architectural buildings and amazing medieval castles and fortresses. That’s where we met our dancing guys today and a nice group or German tourists. Or maybe who knows, they were Austrians. But nothing more about Austria. Tomorrow we are eagerly creeping in to the vast history of their beautiful Vienna, so don’t miss our next post. Until then…

Just SMiLE!

Ananda strangle the pillarOmkara hit

Omkara pullAnanda pull


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