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canon atomium

Everybody looks for a reason to SMiLE. Really! It’s so simple. Throughout our travels we noticed that even people who didn’t want to be filmed or for one reason or another didn’t accept our invitation, all of them SMiLEd when we described our project.

Brussels wasn’t an exception to this. We visited the amazing Atomium which is a huge, shiny… atom :) Lots of tourists around and after we danced with some Turkish guys we wanted to take some extra footage for the video. This caught the attention of 2 other groups of people (one from Brazil and one from Congo) who immediately volunteered to dance and have fun with us. Very unexpected and in the same time full of life and energy. We got lots of SMiLEs from everybody, so Brussels turned out to be one of the friendliest places so far, although it was cloudy and sometimes rainy.

But it’s also the city where our GPS broke down. So now we are all on the ‘old fashion’ medieval, classical maps :) Lucky we do have internet and can access google maps and stuff otherwise we would be busted :) We are already in the amazing Paris, but we’ll leave everything about it in the tomorrow post. Loooots of pictures and cool stories. Catch you later. Until then…

Just SMiLE !!! :D

And listen here to the song we SMiLE and dance every day :)

gopro atomium



omkara atomium



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