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750000 people living in Amsterdam and around 900.000 bicycles. Yes, correct! More bikes than people. Statistics say that in the center of the city 48% of traffic movement is by bike. And really that’s how it is. Cars seem like a very secondary way of transportation. EVERYBODY rides their bikes: from children to over 70 years old people. The scenery is amazing. Huuuge bike parking places all over the city. Check out our pictures below.

There are so many to be said about a city like Amsterdam that it’s difficult to comprise in such a small blog. Looks like a cute northern Venice really. So many canals and boats and buildings coming out directly form the water. We’ve seen the Rembrandt Museum, Van Gogh Museum, funky medieval windmills, abstract outdoor huge statue galleries, electric cars plugged in the streets for recharging,  and last but not least, the Rijksmuseum with a whole tone of amusements, where we also filmed our fun dance for SMiLE.

The big metal AMSTERDAM letters, provided for us the perfect place to start the SMiLE candidature. And indeed there was no scarcity of people. It seems that wherever we go, when we start dancing, everything becomes a show and people stop around to watch us having fun. Often time they invite themselves in and join the craziness. Some Spanish girls started climbing the letters, dancing and waving to the camera and a Belgium father and kids family started doing the cabaret, while  a Philippino girl came in, dancing with a cardboard written on it ‘I love you Paditu’. Indeed… it was a wild day, full of surprises and energy.

We leave you now contemplating on the below pictures while we close in the North Sea where we will be spending the night and part of the day tomorrow swimming and relaxing for a while. We’ll come back with news from the seashore. Until then…guess what???

Just SMiLE !!!

And listen here to the song we dance every day :)



omkara on the river





river boat.png



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