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new car

10.000 km, 1000 liters of gas, 100 cities, 40 days on the road, over 20 contries, 4 seas and thousands of SMiiiiLEs collected. This is what we are getting ready for. Due to the generosity, enthusiasm and support from our fans and friends we are able to fulfill our dream: travel through all Europe and film the musical video for our ‘SMiLE’ single (if you didn’t get to hear it yet, check it out on our soundcloud).

We are already getting used to living in the ModiVan and try to make it our home over the summer :) Our plan is to travel to different countries and collect from people as many SMiLEs as possible and shoot a short video of them dancing with us and having fun while listening to our song.

If you are located in Europe and you want to be part of our video, write us and we’ll try to make it happen. We would really like to meet our fans on the way and have a bit of fun together ;) Also, we will keep a road journal; we will post every day or so news from our tour. So spread the word and keep visiting us to get fresh news about our adventures.

Just SMiLE! :)




  1. Daryl

    June 26, 2015 (22:46) Reply

    Hey wow, sounds epic you guys…hope to see you soon,and your smiles :D
    Will you be coming to England? Yeah Yeah Yeah!;)

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