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After our bumpy road ‘party’ at Trypilske kolo festival near Kiev, we are getting ready for the next Ukrainian super adventure: Woodstock! One thing missing though: a drummer. Just yesterday, Samy, our lucky charm, broke 3 fingers and now we are fervently looking for a replacement drummer. Do you happen to know one available who can learn our repertoire in 2 days? :D

But don’t worry, Modiwo can improvise. After seemingly eons of wracking our brains out, we came up with a genius idea: borrow a drummer from a band that is already in the line-up for Woodstock. So now, operation ‘steal the drummer’ is on the move.

Actually it wasn’t as difficult as it seems, when you have great friends like those from Atmasfera. For those of you who don’t know crazy Timur yet, you are about to meet him. I call him on the phone and say: ‘Timur my brother, you can’t imagine what happened. Our drummer just broke his fingers’ Timur’s answer (without me asking anything): ‘Maaan! I need two hours of rehearsals with you guys to know the songs!’. And yes, we are still under the shock of how some people can be so energetic and supportive when needed. We’ll be having 2 rehearsals before our concert on the main stage.

So, even if it seems a rather weird moment, we will take it a challenge and do all we can to still entertain the expecting crowd. I’m sure that if they won’t appreciate our band cohesion, they will surely have their laugh for the day ;)

Let’s rock!


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