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woodastock-ukraina-woodstock-ukraina-vinnitskaya-oblast-ukrainaWe had recently been invited to participate in the internationally renowned festival, Woodstock. Chance makes it so that it will take place in Ukraine where, as we all know, things are not at their best.

In our (artists) naivety, we proclaim that music, poetry, theater and art in general cross all language barriers and appeals to the soul. And it’s true. With one condition: that the soul be opened to receive it. It saddens us to see so much hidden agendas involved in what is known as the ‘Ukrainian crisis’. Of course it’s not the ‘Ukrainian crisis’, but a world crisis. We don’t want to go into any depth on this, as there are hundreds of blogs and news and videos all over the place.

We would like to thank the Woodstock organizers for the invitation and the hope that this art manifestation will contribute to a more peaceful atmosphere in the hearts of people. Our new song ‘Soldiers of war’ has a direct connection with the unrest in our hearts, our search for what we even don’t know.

We hope for peace in Ukraine: ‘Everybody’s a soldier of war/Fighting and praying for love’.





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