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Once upon a time there was a silverish flute. Because it was in her nature, she was wondering around the world looking for the perfect sound. She didn’t know exactly what she was searching for, but was convinced she would recognize the magical sound upon hearing it. After travelling to so many places and listening to infinite modulations and pitches she realized: purple is the perfect color. So she decided to become purple. And so she did! The End :)

It’s been 2 years since the cute purple flute came among us and haunted our existence :) and finally received a body. The body she was long waiting for. Today is the 18th birthday of The Purple Flute and so we celebrate it by dedicating her the video of her ‘making’ :)

If you didn’t realize it so far, Reni is the Purple Flute and today it’s her 18th anniversary ;) It’s been two great years which brought us a lot of inspiration, loads of fun, lots of concerts, big development and the most important: a very good friend. Thank you Reni for offering Modiwo the sweet purple sound! Happy Birthday purple soul! :D


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