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IMG_4143Mushrooms are a very interesting… thing in this world. They grow by themselves with no need for any care. They are very predictable and in the same time totally unpredictable: definitely they pop-up after a good rain, but it’s not sure you can find them. They grow in the weirdest places and in the weirdest shapes having the weirdest tastes (min 7:10). You can eat them in so many ways: legal and illegal :) You can even make jam out of them. Yes: both jam the food and jam the ‘we jammin’ kind’ of jam :)
And you can see this in the TV show we were invited to. Sammy, our drummer took a very old mushroom and literally jammed with it (min 4:15). In the evening we were served with a nice mushroom jam as a reward for the zeal with which we scoured the forests for the abundant mushroom crop we harvested with the filming crew (min: 6:10). And yes, we also played some of our songs in between (min 0:20 :) Check out this video of the ‘Big Boletul’ show and you’ll have a good laugh ;)


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