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For some time now we’ve been announcing the musical video to our song called ’Cold World’. It has been a crazy adventure making this video but we know it was worth it. Lots of travelling, scorching heat, freezing cold, make-up, sleepless night, hard work and wild fun went to accompany what will soon come to be our new and hopefully totally attractive musical clip.

No, we are not ready yet, but yes, we are not far from it. We also have lots of extra footage and funny and intense moments from the shooting of this video and we hope to manage to create a funky ’making-of’ and release it once we have the final version on the clip. Still, not to leave you hanging and to give you a glimpse of what we are working on, we decided to do a short teaser so that you can quench your thirst a bit :) We know it’s not much and it’s not a final version of how it will look, but we hope you like it and prepare all you energy in helping us distribute the future musical video to the whole world.

Let us know what you think about it! ;)


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