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Music is the most versatile form of art that exists. It’s so attractive and natural that practically speaking everybody likes some kind of music. It’s also one of the most complex form of art because in it reside poetry, dance, various instruments, feelings, philosophy and why not, painting. Good music is also visual. When you hear a great song, you already see pictures, images and you can visualize the ‘story’ it tells you. What to say that nowadays music goes hand in hand with video clips, movies, theater etc. Everywhere people go they like to be accompanied by their favorite tunes on their pods and pads. So really, music is one of the most powerful forms of art.

Music seems to be part of the soul. It can elevate to the highest peaks of spirituality in a way that is so pleasing to us that we just can’t refuse it :) We use Sanskrit lyrics because it has an ancient spiritual value to it and in combination with English as a contemporary element, makes for a great mixture of past wisdom set in a present modern context.

The soul seems to feed on music. It’s as if music acts as an immunity enhancer for the soul. We all know there have been various studies on how the plants grow better on music or how cows give more milk when they listen relaxing tunes etc. There were studies made, comparing humans who listen to music and ones who don’t. To make a longs story short, basically those who don’t like music or don’t listen to music for a period of time are very prone to depressions and higher chances to catch some disease. Don’t ask me how they calculate all these, but it seems like a natural conclusion, knowing how soothing music can be.

So, call us selfish, but we listen to our music all the time: when we create it, when we rehearse it, when we record it, after we record it, during our concerts and after our concerts to see what needs to be improved. So we invite you to join us on our SoundCloud in our journey for spiritual, mental and bodily healthiness :P

Power To The Music!


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