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Music is everywhere. You can find it in nature, in feelings, in people, in a flower, in a word, in an adventure, in relaxation and of course, at mama’s house. You cannot find a thing that isn’t in some way connected to music. If you find, please write us and… we’ll tell you in what way it’s connected to music ;)

Children always discover and find out new things about this world. That’s why mama’s home or grandma’s home are so special. That’s the place where we learn everything about… everything. One of my childhood’s amazements was to find out that all nature’s sounds and all what we say corresponds to a certain musical note and is in a certain musical key. That made me realize that everything is music and that music is everywhere.

Few days ago we came from an idyllic stay at Oxana’s Ukrainian native places where the NisterRiver flows about and gives way to poetry and ages of chivalrous history. In this side of the World we spent our holiday surrounded by the music of nature and by our friends Shyam and Jaggie, our dog and cat. It was a fun and inspirational exit from the urban business and a time to find again the simpleness of the countryside.

We worked the land, we played with the chickens, dogs and cats, we swam in the river, went hiking and found out new cultural ideas for our musical world called Modiwo. So now, we start fresh in our creating new and new concepts to disclose through our music.

Just to give you an idea of the party we had in the countryside, we thought to share with you some pics from our journey. You can see them all here:



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