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We don’t know to what we owe the ability to have fun in almost any circumstance. It may be because we are still ‚young’ and naive on our musical journey, or maybe because we are unaware of the underground things going on around us, or maybe just because we like what we do and we do it with joy even if we play for 50 or 10.000 people. Whichever the reason may be, the result is that we can share with you the fun times we have wherever we go. Consequently, as promised, we’ll let you enjoy the video compilation we posted on youtube from our participation in Peninsula Festival.

The musical background is one of our favorite songs from Bob Marley – No more trouble, as it reminds us some fun jamming times (maybe we’ll come back to this one in another blog). This version of the song is compiled by various reggae and non-reggae artists among whom we can hear Sting and other orchestras and choirs singing in support for peace and equity amongst people.

Our video includes footage from both ‚extracurricular’ activities before the concert and from during the concert. On this occasion we would also like to announce that Tiki, our drummer, played his last concert with us, so we reserved him a prominent spot in the video where he performs his solo. We thank him for his collaboration and wish him all the best in England where he will be studying drums in College.

All of these being said, we give you… – No more trouble! Enjoy! :)


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