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Diary of an artist

There is a big resemblance between kids and musicians and the proof of it is that dictionaries have decided to use the same word, `play`, to describe their main activity :) . And indeed, they have a lot in common: both of them need to find new and new ways to make people be interested in them, to captivate attention, both have an intense desire for exploring and discovering and of course both of them like to have fun.

One needs to have a somewhat childish outlook on life in order to be an artist. One needs to be a little bit (or a lot) naive in order to believe he can change the world through his art, and a dreamer in order to feel that what he does makes a difference and to know that even if he doesn’t make any money, he can feed on the art he creates.

That’s why sometimes this line of art is perceived as childish play. And surely this is mostly by parents who feel their child needs to wake up to the reality and start having `a real job’, `a real life`, not understanding that for the musician, this is life. The stage is his world. He lives and breathes through the people listening to him. When he is on the stage he feels home, he feels alive and when he is off-stage, he is homeless; it’s just a period that needs to pass somehow preparing for his next `life` when performing.

We, the artists dream a lot. We think that `all you need is love` and we tell the people `Excuse me while I kiss the sky` cause `We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl`. Many don’t understand our world and it’s `Sad, but true` and because it’s all `Dust in the wind` we tell them `You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one’. And yes, we do ask ourselves sometimes `why does it always rain on me?` but then we remember that `Wise man say` `Run wild little child, run wild happy soul’ and we always find our way to `going back to the stars`.


Note: Quotes from different artists in the order of their appearance in the sentence: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Kansas, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Modiwo and Coldplay.


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