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Although used daily, ‚feeling’ is an utterly bizarre concept. It’s something that you can’t really describe. It’s what…you, I, each one feels. That’s it.

We all have feelings. And we all experience such a great variety that we probably wouldn’t be able to enumerate all we can feel. And each person sees the same feeling with a totally different view compared to the next person/totally different than the other. Some say this is the beauty of life. We say that this is what makes life so interesting, diverse and sometimes so totally weird. Feelings make the world go round. It’s not the money, power and it’s not women nor men, but the feelings that go along with the above mentioned ‘items’.

The concert stage is a miniature of the stage called life. We are born at the beginning of the concert and we die at the end just to be reborn again at the next concert. The stage is a place where we learn and feel. It’s the place where the heart is more alive than ever. We talk to the audience, to you, through our music and we end up creating together one large FEELING that fits the whole World.

If Modiwo was a feeling it would certainly be a very colorful one. It would be a mixture of the breathtaking stage with the moments of inspiration when we create new songs and concepts, and the times when we just hang out, laugh, relax and enjoy the travels and free time.

If Modiwo was a feeling it wouldn’t just be colorful, it would be a colorful heart. And moreover, a Homeless Heart, a heart looking for what is beautiful and warm in the world. Our latest video release takes you to this world by exploring many moods: from exhilaration to sadness, and from feather lightness to deep profoundness. Watch it and… feel it:


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