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We travel all around the world and see so many wonderful things. This Earth is full of amazing people, places, feeling, adventures and sounds. And that’s why World Music is an important aspect for us; because the mosaic of the World is the best place to find inspiration. Everything comes so easy when you have such a huge range of motives, cultures and instruments to choose from.

Besides nature and people, buildings are one of the most common things in our lives. Wherever we go we run into buildings. And all around the world there is such a vast variety of architectural structures that it’s very difficult to enumerate, what to say about describing all? Most people live and work in some kind of construction, so it constitutes large part of our day to day lives. Some of them are fascinating, some of them are common and some of them are simply…dull :) .

If Modiwo was a building it would definitely be something never seen before. It would combine various architectures from different parts of the world in one single unique and attractive piece of art. Already from the outside it would catch anyone’s attention. Once you step in you would be surrounded by various colours and fun elements which would make it so you never get bored. Soft grass instead of carpets, fluffy pillows instead of beds, large slim speakers instead of doors and piano keys instead of stairs so that whenever you go up and down, you create different melodies.

Modiwo is such a structure where we create a sound that is very difficult to label. Once you hear it you know that it’s different from anything you’ve ever heard, but still, you wanna live in it and have fun while you’re in it. So, we open the door and invite you to our World! Let’s have fun!


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