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Wherever we play, we like to have fun. This is the main thing. Whenever we have fun, the audience also feels it and tends to join us. And this is what we did at Peninsula Festival were we played few days ago.

We arrived at noon for sound check and until later when we played, we cruised around having fun with the different attractions provided by the organizers. JanisIsland, the stage where we played was by far the most original and interactive one at the festival. They tried to recreate the seaside mood by bringing 6 trucks of sand, building a wooden ship and having all kinds of smaller and bigger trinkets and thingies that made you wanna explore the area. And, as artists, we didn’t miss a moment to do it, so we climbed up the boat until finally the guys had to come and get us down, we played the incredibly “vintage” piano on the “beach”, we tried to squeeze some water from the „Happiness Spring”, but it was ‘out of order’ and of course we went in some floating air balloons and fought with each other until exhausted.

After all these, we went on the stage and did the thing we know best: have fun again :) People gathered around two big camp fires and enjoyed the atmosphere. So yes, overall, we had a great experience and even if we didn’t get the chance to go to the seaside this year, we felt a bit of its flavor at Peninsula Fest.

Now, we go back in the studio and rehearsal room to finish our new songs. Sooo excited! Until you can hear them, we leave you with some pics from Peninsula. Check them out:


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