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A flower is a simple way of saying ’I love you’, a tender way of admitting that ’I miss you’, and a funky way of expressing ’I’m sorry’. The flower in it of itself is art, the art of the creator. When you look at a flower you cannot stop admiring how wonderfully composed it is. The flower expresses everything what is beautiful in nature. And this is what we consider art to be: the expression of what is beautiful in life; with all the happiness, sorrow, satisfaction, pain and fulfillment. It’s all part of the wheel of life. Flowers have their own special way to express all these. And so do artists!

If Modiwo was a flower it would certainly be sooo very colorful. Each colored petal would emanate a different exotic fragrance, irresistible for all the greedy bees humming around it. Our music is filled with so many cultural ‘fragrances’ from all around the world and so diverse styles that the beelike ears of the listeners are magically drawn to Modiwo sound. Many times in our tours we had the experience that our music is the ‘splash of color’ in the events we take part in. We are happy to see our music enlivens the hearts of people wherever we go and makes them want to hear more.

The Modiwo honey has the perfect amount of sweetness, cures all sadness diseases and fits to any desert you can imagine. This honey is our art. It is our attempt to express what is beautiful in life. Like honey, our music never goes bad, it’s ever fresh and each time you listen to our songs they bring you more and more pleasure.

Modiwo can be summed up as in one of our songs says: ‘Madhava, sweeter than honey, fresher than flowers in spring’. Listen to Cold World on our SoundCould to get a glimpse of our world!



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