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Everybody’s going on a trip this summer. And what is the first word when you think of a trip? FUN! Yeap. It’s the symbol of freedom. It’s the time when you don’t need to work or worry about daily activities. It’s when you put all of those behind and… relax. Of course this ’relax’ can have different meanings for different people. Each has his own way of relaxing on a trip. Some like it to the mountain, some to the sea. Some go to other cities and some go where there’s as little people, cars and noise as possible. Some choose swimming in a river, some like ’swimming’ in a club. It doesn’t matter in which category you are in. All you need to do is listen to Modiwo wherever you go on your trip :) This will aid you in your attempt to go where you’ve never been before.

And if you can’t afford going on a trip this summer…guess what? That’s right! Listen to Modiwo! ;) Our music takes you for free all around the world. From the Orient to the Amerindians and from Scandinavia, through Europe, all the way to Africa. That’s why it’s called MOsaic DIversity of the WOrld = MO DI WO. Just listen to Samurai Katagi and you’ll understand what we mean :) Close your eyes and see yourself there. Or open them, jump up and dance. It’s the same effect in different moods. Our music dresses you this summer wherever you would be and whatever mood you could have.
And indeed, also for us Modiwo is like a big fun trip. Wherever we go we learn new things about the world and about ourselves and we share these experiences with you through our songs. Still, our trips are not only horizontal on the surface of the Earth, but also vertical, deep inside and up to the sky. This is what makes each song a unique expression of a little part of us.

Keep up with us, where ever you would be this summer!


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