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Sea Adventure WalltasticDid you ever wonder how it would be to go to a concert on the bottom of the sea? I already imagine how you would have to hold on to your drinks and food really tight not to start going up. And how fun would it be for the guys on the stage? Instruments all floating around, trying to stay put. But the best would be the bubbling sounds of the lead singer. The aquatics would be the best audience though. Pity they can’t press the like button :)

Well, we did play on the bottom of the sea. And yes, we imagined all these happening while pe played there on Gustar Festival. The area was actually a sea bed some long long time ago that nowadays is only…hills and rocks. But some really nice rocks and hills ;) Everything around is a natural amphitheater with the best acoustic ever. The stage was placed in such a way so that the audience would get the best sound. The reverb was so great that no effects were needed from the sound engineer. It was one of our best concerts. The mood was great and the people excellent. Not to mention the surroundings. It was quite a strange feeling thinking that some long time ago different sea creatures were swimming down there while now we were having a full on concert.

So yes, we had the chance to play on the bottom of the sea and we had a lot of fun! When I come to think of it, it’s quite nice to be a musician. You get to see all these amazing places and in the same time do the thing you like most. Nice bargain ;)

Below we have a small teaser of the fun we had last summer:


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