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 The big day we’ve been waiting for has arrived! Modiwo proudly presents it’s first musical video: ‚Homeless Heart’. It’s a simple video for a funky song. We chose to let the song play and us to dance on it. Exactly what we hope you will do while watching it. Dance with us and feel the energy exchange. We loved filming. This gave us the opportunity to go deeper into our own tune and like it even more :)

‚Homeless Heart’ is a strong song dedicated to those hearts looking for a crib. All of us find ourselves at one point or another staring at our feelings and wondering ‘how come I’m always on the run, what’s this all about, why am I doing all these and why do I need to do what everybody else is doing’. The chorus goes: „All my life I’ve been running in circles/The pressure on me/That I cannot be like others/We are Homeless/HariHariOm”. So yes, all you rebel hearts out there. This song is for you! Dance and feel the freedom it brings you. Dance and tell us how it was ;)

We’ve had great support from Gabor from Promo Video, who worked with us and was patient with a bunch of crazy artists who are always late and demanding :D . The location we filmed was Bermudas Pub, so our hip hip hurrays!!! go also to their administration. Having said all these… let’s watch the video, shall we? The clip is already up on YouTube. You can click on it, like it, comment on it and most important share it!!! :) Yeap! This is the magic. You can share it. And by doing so, you can help us take a journey throughout all the world. Let’s go!


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