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Dive Comfort ZOne

We are officially enthusiastic! :)

So far we had quite some activity from the spring fresh beginning of Modiwo: we looked for new members, we wrote new songs, we recorded our first EP, we rehearsed a lot, we did lots of photos, we had a Fruit Fusion Caravan in different cities, we made friends with you, we participated in some contests, we traveled for inspiration, we sang in different concerts and festivals and had so much fun.

Now it’s time for a new and sometimes the most amazing part of our ’work’: creating new songs. We can’t express how excited we are to just step back and dive into the world of exploring new and new ways of doing music. The thrill of composing makes us want to give you, our friends, something always new and full of inspiration; something dear to us that we want to make dear to you! We do everything from scratch. We sit and let the music guide us through what we consider a sacred journey. Everything about this moments is so special and life giving. When an artist creates, it gives him life. And when the artist is full of ’life’ he can pass this on to his audience. The process is a very profound one and it requires a special state of mind which we intend to create in order for the final product to be much more than anyone expects. And this is one of our goals: each one of our songs to be much more than you expect from us. We put our astronaut costumes on and are ready to explore the space! We’ll keep you up to date about our findings and share some interesting things to make you all part of these exhilarating moments. As you can see I can’t stop using BIG words :) That’s because for us this is one of the most important part in what we do. If this is done with great enthusiasm and inspiration, the next part (sharing it in concerts and recordings) will be the biggest fun ever!

In the meantime we are also preparing 2 musical videos of which we will talk in our next posts. We will dedicate next week to ’Homeless Heart’ the song that will have the first Modiwo video.

Keep up with us!


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