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It’s didgeridoo time! We are ready for another journey through our multitude of instruments. And today we take you on a journey directly in Australia where the aborigines of some thousand years ago invented this amazing instrument called didgeridoo. Actually the common name used among the local population is Yidaki. The name didgeridoo was later given by westerners and it’s actually a kind of imitation of the drone sound the instrument does.

Originally, the didgeridoo is made of eucalyptus. The termites attack these trees, removing only the dead heartwood from inside, as the living sapwood contains a chemical that repels them. So, as you can see, the didgeridoo is totally a gift from nature, created by nature. Our recordings include so far only one song in which we use it, so go quickly and listen to it on our SoundCloud. You can hear the deep sound and the weary effect it produces. Although the didgeridoo has a small range of tonal sounds it still makes for a very complex instrument which is very fun to play. Usually while playing, the aborigines imitate the sounds of nature and the sounds of different animals. We use it in combination with contemporary sounds in order to offer the best of both past and present.

Medical researches show a most interesting fact. Studies have shown that playing the didgeridoo helps people stop snoring because the practice develops the muscles in the upper airway, reducing their tendency to collapse during the sleep. So, if you have a bad snore, contact us and we’ll help you get rid of it. Indeed music heals! :)

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