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aaand.... action

This summer we are working on 3 new video releases, first of which is the musical video for our dynamic electro-funk-pop song, ’Homeless Heart’. The other ones will be disclosed as we move along so that you get a glimpse of every move we make.

We dedicate this week to going deep into the ’Homeless Heart’ experience. We will describe the mood of the song, the Sanskrit and English lyrics, instruments, interesting things behind the curtains and many more. All these so that you get to know our song as it is.

We already finished filming for the video and we can tell you it was a lot of fun. Of course, also tiring, but the satisfaction of having our first video out is a great compensation for the effort we put into all we do. As the tune itself is very dynamic, we thought of a simple concept because everything in the song is so expressive and explicit that a busy script would overload the video. Sooo, indeed, what we did, was just dance and have fun on our own song. :) The location we filmed at is the Bermudas Club. Nice place and nice people there. We recommend it ;) You can see lots of pictures from the shooting in our photo gallery at this link:

Homeless Heart’ is one of our favorite compositions. It’s up-beat, catchy and very dynamic. It’s what we require from music to bring us to life from now and then. It’s original and unique in a very funky way. Cannot really compare it to anything you heard before. If you can, please let us know. We are soooo curios to see what Homeless Heart reminds you of. Listen to it on our SoundCloud and have fun with us by viewing the photos.

Next time we’ll talk about how ‘Homeless Heart’ was created and the moods it inspires us.

Until then…Keep up with us! :)


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