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The one and only thing better than music itself, is the beauty of experiencing live music.

It has been proven that music therapy enhances well-being, reduces stress and distracts a person from unpleasant symptoms, sicknesses or disorders. Live music can provide a shared experience for the listeners, an experience that links those people. Live music is about people coming together for the same reason, to become one, to think and feel the same, because the energy of live music is what makes them breath “as one”. The power of music and the passion of musicians unites the opposites and settles the differences.

Instruments, lyrics, voices, it’s all about the energy! Those who already attended our shows, have seen the real benefits live music can have, they felt the World Music, the World’s Vibe. But it’s not just the medical benefits, it’s also the energy, the feelings! Our concerts are an exchange of energy, we give you all our positive vibes and receive much more energy from you! This connection is all we desire when we are on stage. We are musicians, we create songs, we define ideas, but the best feeling ever is when we see that other thousands of people feel our music and respond to it. When this happens all energy sets loose. You die and resurrect with each song you play. The stage becomes the World and you, the audience, are a bundle of stars from which we receive warmth. This is real live music.

Going to a live concert is a must have experience! So treat yourself with the priceless gift of live music and stay tuned to our World’s Vibe! See the list of our future concerts and be there!

Until then, you can listen to our ‘Call’ here.

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