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Modiwo's riddle

First of all, let’s introduce ourselves! We are Modiwo. Maybe you wonder why Modiwo? Our music has no boundaries neither of style nor language, so we wanted a name that expresses this concept. The lyrics we compose are in English and Sanskrit, but Modiwo is neither one. Apparently it has no real meaning, but every single letter defines us.

•           “Mo” is mosaic. We all know that the mosaic is the art of creating images by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone, ceramic or other materials. Modiwo does this with sounds. We combine ideas, cultures, personalities and the result is also an art, our music.

•           “Di” comes from diversity, defining our tendency of shaping elements from a variety of musical styles (rock, pop, metal, dubstep, symphonic, electronic) and mixing them, all these being a part of the entire creative process.

•           “Wo” stands for the world. We play World Music. Our focus goes from the Universe to the people and the lack of differences in essence between them as souls. Our goal is to bring people together through our music and show them a real musical world, based on spiritual values.

MODIWO – mosaic diversity of the world. It’s the playground we created for you, a world where we can be together regardless of nationality, religion or language. It’s a world where you can feel free to share and express your joy, emotions and feelings.

When choosing the name we thought about all the aspects that define us as people, define our personalities and our music. Our band is a mosaic of cultures; it’s a diversity of ideas that makes a whole. It’s our world, a world without boundaries where everyone is welcomed.

You want to be a part of our world? All you have to do is listen, follow us and come to our concerts. Something in our music will make you move, will make you feel, will make you dare. This experience is different for each person! This is the beauty of our music, everyone can relate to it, in their own way. We’ll let you enjoy it on our soundcloud:


  1. Dan Horea

    April 28, 2013 (20:23) Reply


  2. modiwo

    April 28, 2013 (21:31) Reply

    Multumim! :)

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