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5000We are so glad that our songs created a rain of auditions on SoundCloud!

What would be a rain without drops? What would be a band without its listeners? Just like the rain falling on your cheeks, our sounds are meant to fall into your souls ! It can be a calm or a stormy rain ! It all depends on your mood. Listen and dare to dream ! You can have your own rain !

You will never have to fight for the rainbow in the sky ! (Samurai Katagi) You can draw it on the music sheet with our sounds :)  You can learn how to feel, how to dance in the rain ! (Homeless)

The rain hitting the ground, the sounds of our drums, we are all part of the nature, of the Universe. The rain makes us think of a “Cold World”, but it warms up with the feelings and emotions spread around through music. In the rain, you may feel “Homeless”, but the sounds unites us and music is our spiritual home.

5000 drops, one rain, 5000 listeners, one family. So let’s run together in the rain and enjoy it ! If you don’t like the rain, how about a relaxing moment on a cloud? :) Keep listening and dreaming ! Run off, take off, fly ! 

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