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Music For the Heart

We are musicians that fell in love with World’s greatest gift – its music.

Music is about feeling, not about understanding – maybe this is the best way to explain the concept of World Music. Through lyrics and sounds we emphasize the emotional side of people, knowing that the only difference between them is the way they express their feelings and emotions.

What exactly is World Music?

We find the origin of the traditional elements of this style in the indigenous culture. World Music perfectly combines traditional instruments (djembe, doumbek, udu, jaw harp, didgeridoo, kazoo etc.) with modern stringed, percussion, keyboards and wind instruments. However instruments are not the only means to give life to music; we convey our message through emotions which are later on transformed into sounds meant to touch the soul! World Music is about the Universe, it’s about the infinite, about here and now, about dreams and tales. It’s about what we can and what we can’t understand. That’s why in our songs we use both English and Sanskrit languages. English conveys that which is so well known to us and Sanskrit depicts the mysterious, the unrevealed nature of the world and of ourselves.

We chose World Music because that is our purpose as individuals – to embrace our condition of human beings that are not differentiated by borders or language! Through the chime of contemporary genres and traditional motifs all over the world, we offer our listeners a captivating journey to different continents and cultures. The universe of our songs spins around the spiritual values in a mundane society where most of us love things and use people, instead of loving people and using things. We talk about pure love, respect and peace and want to make the soul vibrate from the very first touch of the instruments. Think of our music as a way of detachment from the whole world and… just relax! Every time you need to fill up with positive energy, listen to the sound of nature and culture, listen to World Music! It will make you feel good, involuntarily!

Modiwo is a living organism, always evolving for you, to offer you the best music for your soul. To convince you even more of the professionalism of the band, we invite you to listen to our songs because they speak better for us. You can see our vision of the world illustrated in “Our Music” section. And yes, you can buy our songs and connect to the World’s vibe. Enjoy!


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