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5000 – apparently a trivial number, but with a special symbolism.

You are:

  • 5000 souls who value feelings and emotions,
  • 5000 close people traveling daily through our music,
  • 5000 thoughts spread around the world,
  • 5000 messengers of love and peace,
  • 5000 voices at our concerts,
  • 5000 nature lovers,
  • 5000 dreamers vibrating at the first sound of our instruments.

Together, through music, we can reduce the differences between people; we’ll become the whole World simply because we are the World.

Together, we are better, more responsible,

Together, we sing, love, suffer,

Together, we are human,

Together, we are the future.

The fact that you are with us in larger and larger numbers can only be the living proof that our musical mission to gather in cultures and influences from different parts of the world is a success. In the world we’ve created, you are the most important element. For you, sounds become words, outlined in a story meant to teach you that truly valuable things in life are the spiritual ones. We always learn new things for you, to offer you the best music that suits the soul.

What can you do further for us?

You can listen to our songs with the same intensity as until now, you can go around the world and teach others about the power of World Music concept. You can sing, you can dance on our music for over 5000 minutes!

Change the souls of 5000 people! Enjoy life and its beauties 5000 times more! Meet all of you in the nature, listen to its sounds and refill with positive energy and thoughts! Spread the positive energy in 5000 ways to celebrate!

You are 5000 souls that feel the same, feed from our sounds and breathe excitement! And this is why we have 5000 reasons to feel happy and fulfilled!


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