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Music creates mood. It’s a refuge for many and a way to express for others. It’s the most handy… thing to cover our pains with and sooth our wounds. It envelops people and makes us fly, dance, cry and live. Something you feel confortable in. Something that changes and molds to the feelings you have.

Modiwo music tries to dress your mood and to find the way to feed it back to you. Tries to get across the unheard and unwritten message of the soul. The eternally dancing soul. So yes, if Modiwo was an outfit, then it would be a far out one. Something to make you feel confortable, keep you warm or cool, depending on what you need, and in the same time to suit you in any brain weather, be it active or lazy, sentimental or harsh, crazy or simple, we try to emulate them all. Everybody has their favorite way to dress. And it usually goes with the music they listen. So don’t be surprised that if you come to our concert you will see people changing their clothes in between songs. It’s just their way of telling us what to play next :D Joking! But wouldn’t that be great! :)


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