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When children play, they have their curiosity to base their enthusiasm on, when people build, they have their solid foundations to base their constructions on, when dreamers dream, they have their utopias upon which they create their world, and when Modiwo creates we have the musical score to base our ideas on. This musical score is our play, our curiosity, our enthusiasm, our foundation, our dream and utopia. It’s our World.
Modiwo sees the musical score as a 3D entity that breathes and lives, with roads and buildings, trees and living entities, and it’s the cradle of whatever our creativity brings us. It’s our home. It’s where we live. And it’s a world full of joy and inspiration. Modiwo is the personification of a musical score.
If Modiwo was a musical score it would be all visual. You wouldn’t need a musical experience to read it, although it would be cryptic enough not to maintain its mysterious aspect. You would see happiness, sadness, love, nature, playfulness, fun and many more feelings that inspire us to be a band for you. Every note would be full of emotion , full of meaning and in the same time allowing you to have your own sense of understanding them. Real music is freedom. So when we create we try to grow wings for you to fly; to go out of this world and directly into the spiritual world where “every word is a song, every step is dance and every feeling is love” (Atmasfera).
Modiwo is a dreamer and tries to recreate the natural harmony that rightfully belongs to each one of us. So, if you haven’t already, come meet us ;)


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