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Honestly, we the artists, musicians, don’t know much about business. Many of us start with flowers in our noses and many dreamy ideas about the world of music. Like any kid that comes into this world, at the beginning we are innocent and sweet and think that all we need to do is create good music and be nice and everything else will naturally take you up there where everybody will appreciate your gifts :) Let’s face it! We are not businessmen.

Dragos Alexa is a name that is closely linked to Modiwo’s birth. To him as a person and as a branding company we owe a lot of what we are today. He managed to explain to us why branding, marketing and other tools are necessary in our field of activity. We talked and planned together, we discovered what needs to be done and… we did it. Often times, his ingenuity in ideas, concepts and solutions made us feel lucky to be working with him. And the most important, as a doctor, he assisted in the birth of Modiwo. We have to admit it wasn’t an easy birth, but finally it was worth while.

Here we are, half a year after this moment, still alive and developing. Our work is surely not done, but we definitely learned a lot. And for this we want to thank you Dragos! As we didn’t manage to thank you enough in person, a blog post is the next best thing :) With him, we had successful results in finding a cool name for the band, a lively logo, an elegant website, a dynamic motto, an interesting and funny design for our „What if Modiwo was…” blog campaign, innovative ideas and name for our new presentation clip ”Meet Modiwo” and for our future musical clip, ”Cold World”, and many other things that we might be forgetting. His advice on different matters made our life easier, although sometimes we made his life harder :)

These thanks go also to Dania and other team members of Creatica who might have been involved without our knowing it. We warmly recommend their services as they do have cool solutions :) All in all, we consider our cooperation a success and hope we’ll see Modiwo proudly growing and sending its sounds to the Universe! Finally, we would like to dedicate Dragos our newest clip and our ’Hello’ to the World, called ’Meet Modiwo’.




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