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Cocktails! They were always a mystery to me. It’s amazing how the final taste of a great cocktail is so different and much better than the separate components. They have the gift of making one curious. You may know what ingredients it contains, but the taste is always a surprise. This is Modiwo music: you may already know we use didgeridoo, flute, keyboards, jaw harps, percussion s  drums etc, but we never know how our next song will sound like. We are always surprised and mesmerized by the great variety of inspiration that can come out of these musical ingredients :)

Summer is almost here! What a better way to cool yourself than with a cocktail? It’s fresh, full of vitamins that give you lots of energy, a drink that brings friends together. Why a cocktail? Because it’s always fresh and jolly. We like fruits and the energy they provide! Our songs are aimed at giving you the same energy kick and good mood a cocktail offers you! Also, fruits were the center of our Fruit Fusion caravan, where lots of people brought different kind of fruits to our concerts which were later distributed to homeless children.

A cocktail sweetens the soul just like our music chords touch your soul. The freshness of a cocktail makes you feel more alive, just like the rhythm of our music makes your body move. The play of colors delights your eyes and the mix of flavors delights your mouth. An explosion of tastes that awakens the senses. We use the same principle in music. We mix different music styles, instruments, influences, thus creating unique songs that boost up your energy! A cocktail is full of character and you can enjoy it by yourself and with your friends. In the same way, our music can be listened when alone and is also great to listen live, at a concert, surrounded by friends. There are no rules in drinking a cocktail as there are no rules in listening to our music. You’ll realize that music gets a new meaning! Next time when you see and enjoy a cocktail, the first thing that will come to your mind is going be the energy that our songs give you. It’s all about feeling good!

So weather you’re relaxed and just wanna be by yourself or meet your friends, just enjoy your summer cocktail on the rhythm of our cooling music!

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