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Today, the sound of our instruments will pierce the heavy clouds and light your soul just like thunderbolts light the sky on a stormy weather. Today will be raining with energy; the vibe will make everyone become a source of energy and good mood! Even the birds will sing with us and the trees will dance on our music! :) This will be a great opportunity for all of us to come together and go crazy!

Yes, we are talking about our concert celebrating Cluj City Days. Today, 28th of May we’ll be performing on the main stage at 7 pm in Piata Unirii. This is a night dedicated to alternative music! The weirdish funny guys from Zdob si Zdub are headliners so you will have the chance to see them also. Don’t worry about the rain. It comes and goes. Concerts like these are unique. Take initiative. If it rains, dance! People and rain always make nice couples ;) If you live in Cluj-Napoca or you are a tourist here, if you are a student or a professor, young or old, don’t miss the opportunity to come and have fun with us! One more reason why you shouldn’t miss this concert is because Modiwo will dedicate the next period of time to finishing its new album. We’ll be surrounding ourselves with inspiration and creative environment for you to enjoy our new sound.

So let’s have a blast this evening! We’ll be waiting for you and your friends!


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