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Madhava’, ‘HariHariOm’, ‘Gopala’ … Ever wondered what these words mean

These are just few examples of the distinctive nature of our music! When you listened our songs for the first time, you may have heard some funky words. Among the lyrics in English, there were some words in a mysterious language. You didn’t know the meaning of them, but it sounded intriguing. Maybe you just replayed the song and listened carefully thinking that is just another English word that you didn’t understand or you didn’t know.

Well, it’s not English, but Sanskrit! This is what we call ‘the icing on the cake’. :) The use of Sanskrit in our concept helps us express the unknown, the unutterable, the mysterious side of things. It’s what we, as beings, don’t understand, what we can’t guess, what we can’t conceive in our own existence and lives. It’s the profound answers we are always looking for. Also, Sanskrit creates a special mood and gives the songs a certain special completeness. English and Sanskrit mystically blend into our songs becoming a unity, finally developing into a unique musical product. Not accidentally, the generic meaning of the word ‘Sanskrit’ is ‘polished, prepared, completed, finished’. Sanskrit perfectly fits our songs and philosophy because its message is one of humanism, unity of mankind, values, peace, mutual understanding and harmonious development of the individual and the society.

Maybe you wonder how did we learn Sanskrit? Sanskrit is actually quite a difficult language to master. Our goal was not to be fluent speakers, but to extract universal concepts that can be used to express the deep feelings and knowledge of the ancient Vedic literature. Sanskrit is very melodious and most commonly, the writings were composed in verses, which makes it so much easier to make it part of our songs, giving them the energy and multicultural vibe we all love!

Now that one more secret has been revealed, you can listen to our songs again and again and try to feel the real value we try to embrace and impart. Because it’s a vast subject we’ll be taking each song and describe the Sanskrit concepts included in them. Until then, rest and relax with one of our precious songs “Cold World”


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