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in a nutshell

We all know that music requires a lot of time and passion. A studio is an artist’s world, the place where the songs are brought to life. Like any other band, we spend lots of time in the recording studio. Since you can’t be with us, we thought to offer you today a free pass for a day in our nutshell! Behind the hard work and rehearsals, we also have great fun!

Tiki, the drummer, is so passionate about his drums that the neighbours wake up even if they’re not home. We on the other hand we just use earphones. In this way, we can still hear after the rehearsal :) . Still, his frenzy makes up for an invigorating atmosphere, Adi never misses his aerobics. He jumps and dances all over the place and you really feel that his energy and good mood are contagious! Oxana is the one to temper us.. She is very positive and this reflects well in her voice and attitude. Her creativity binds the band together and finds a place in the song for everybody. When we get tired, there is always Tudor, our bass guitarist, with his great sense of humor that helps us relax with all of his jokes and funny remarks. And there is Reni, our youngest and the luckiest member of the band. Why the luckiest? Because she’s the only one who gets to be spoiled. And…she deserves it, because even though she is the youngest, she is a very talented flute player. We are a family, the studio is our home and music is our food. We like to have fun together and be creative!

We just posted a new photo gallery from our rehearsal, so you can check it out here: Photo gallery! Enjoy! :)


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