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Flying with the wind

It’s time to take you again on a journey through the world of our instruments. Today, we present you our very special friend, Shakuhachi. You can hear the warm sound of this amazing oriental flute in our song, “Samurai Katagi”. It originates from Japan and is also used in meditation by the Komusô – Japanese Zen monks. This is not coincidence. The sound of it really puts you in a trance as soon as you hear it. Give it a try on our SoundCloud!

At first sight, it seems a simple instrument: a hollowed out bamboo stalk with just five holes; yet despite its simple appearance it has a reputation as being one of the most difficult instruments to master, and is capable of producing a remarkably beautiful range of expressive tones. Through the sound of the shakuhachi we can hear living nature – the autumn wind playing with dry leaves in a bamboo grove, waves crashing on a distant shore, an empty bell ringing in a still morning – and all expressed with great depth and nuance of feeling.

Our shakuhachi is a unique piece, hand carved by a flute master. Among other things, the manufacture of this instrument involves a special technique of burning bamboo. When we received the shakhuhachi the smell of burnt wood was so strong that all room was filled with it and Reni couldn’t play the flute for very long time as the scent was very intense. Even a year later, we can still feel the smooth pleasant smell of burnt wood as if to remind us of it’s origins!

The sound of the shakuhachi comes from the edge of silence, crossing boundaries of time and culture to echo in the soul. The unfathomable vibration of this simple bamboo flute continues to awaken a universal vibe in our spirits and we want to convey the same feeling to you through our songs and concerts!


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