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You find out what World Music and Alternative Music are, and how we make them work together.

You find out about what inspires us as musicians and as persons.

You find out about our band’s name, about the concept behind the letters.

You find out about our instruments, about our funkyness.

You find out all news about our concerts and activities!

Our blog has a very practical side to it: a newsletter you can subscribe to. This makes it easier for you to receive and never miss an important topic about us, without having to check our blog each day. Not to hassle you, we send it once a week so that you get all the news, upcoming events and blog posts in one go.

We’re preparing for you lots of surprises on our site! So, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! This way you’ll stay updated with everything new in our band! Videos, songs, photos, concerts, lifestyle and a lot of joyful thoughts and stories from our part! Be the first one to read it! Go ahead and sign up for our mailing list and receive behind the scene juicy stuff from us! It’s simple. Just insert your email address in the upper right corner of this page, press the red ‘Subscribe now’ button and you’re done ;) Enjoy the reading!


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