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Rain…such an amazing phenomenon!

Rain is life. Without it, nothing grows; and in the same time it has a very mystical aspect and mysterious power to bring up all kinds of feelings and moods: joy, sadness, love, fear, introspection. There’s no limit. It’s the most inspiring moment of nature and without inspiration there is no meaning to the word artist. Rain is the center of so many poetries, paintings, songs, movies; it really opens the door to a flood of creativity. And this is the magical moment for a real artist. When inspired, he becomes a lucky instrument. The hand that paints or writes the ear that hears, the eye that sees becomes a direct medium for the art that is perspiring through all nature and life. There’s nothing more enlivening than the moment when you feel that shivering going through your body. You know than, that the muse of inspiration paid you a visit, so you’d better make good use of it while she’s around. During this time you know that almost anything you write, compose or do will have that tinge of deepness that will be felt by the audience. These are the moments when we hear our music and we just pick it up from the air and lay it down on paper. We have our own ’rituals’ to attract our muses which maybe we’ll share with you in our future posts ;)

Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature that takes one on a journey around the world of feelings and is one of the elements helping us to offer you our dearmost gift: our music.

Rain drops gather into springs, springs become rivers, rivers become the ocean. This is World Music. All the springs and rivers are the different cultures and musical styles that combine together to become the vast ocean called World Music. We take whatever inspires us from different traditions and use contemporary styles to create a fresh and personal musical product. We invite you on the Modiwo cruiser to visit this wide ocean! There are no rules on our ship! You can sing and dance, you can jump and go crazy; you can swim or just simply sit quietly and enjoy the sail.

Don’t hesitate. You’ll have the ride of your life!


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