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on the roadWe gave you free tickets to our world, you traveled with us in Africa and Japan to find out stories about our instruments, we offered you the chance to participate at one of our rehearsal and we made you feel the World’s Vibe by conveying the feelings we experience when we are on the stage. It’s time for a new trip! Today you will find out what we do on the road when we have a concert in a different city or country. So, get in our van, put your seatbelt on and let’s hit the road!

We love these kinds of trips. Although they can be quite tiring, we have a lot of fun. As usually, a band’s car is always full of… equipment  Adi has to play Tetris with all the luggage in order to fit perfectly everything we have. We generally like driving with the top down, but as we don’t have a convertible car, we just turn on the air conditioning and let the fresh ‘wind’ blow through our hair. :) Adi and Oxana drive in turns and Reni keeps them awake by talking and joking with them. The guys in the back Tudor, Tiki and Cristi (our sound engineer) either make fun of each other or they all sleep like babies (babies with beards that is). We also like listening to our favorite bands and sing along. Sometimes, the road is a good opportunity to critically analyze our own songs and try to find improvements for future ideas.

As our van is branded with our name on it, many people tend to curiously look what we’re up to, so we often become the center of attention on our stops. One funny happening was when we were going to a concert and crossing the border. It was such a huge car queue at the customs. We had already been waiting for almost an hour and the line was moving so slow, that it would have definitely taken us 4-5 hours to cross. At some point, a customs officer passed near our car, checked us out and waved at us to follow him with the van. ‘Oh man! We’re screwed’. We thought they’re going to start searching the whole car. Previously we heard they do this when they think you might have some old, valuable musical instruments that you could sell. So we were already expecting to take everything out of the car and have a thorough inspection :) When we got to the side where the officer took us, he just asked for our IDs and stuff. After that, he told us to wait until he goes and have our papers ready in few minutes. Perplexed by the event, we couldn’t believe what just happened. The guy simply wanted us not to wait in the line because he thought he had seen us somewhere on TV. Of course, we didn’t disagree with him; we gave him few CDs as a gift for him and his colleagues and went on our way to the concert.

That day, our audience had only the customs service to thank for our presence at the concert. If it weren’t for them, we would have never made it on time to the show.

So now you know a little bit of how we spend our time on the road. Stick around and we’ll prepare new adventures for you!


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