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10.000 feelings surrounding us, 10.000 rays of energy, 10.000 voices, 10.000 echoes in the World, 10.000 ways to see life through art, 10.000 friends addicted to music! All this gathered in 10.000 thoughts spread to beautiful people!

You are our support; we grow together and dream together! Just like a puzzle, where step by step, the pieces begin to have shapes  and the image is more and more complete..Each one of you fills in the puzzle and your feedback and reactions make us feel that what we do is precious to many. You are our voice, our echo in the Universe, through you, our music is spread to different corners of the World.

We are all friends, no matter the nationality, because the soul is the same everywhere. Music sets us free and in the same time it brings us together! With some of you we already met at out concerts! It would be great to meet all of us somewhere in the middle of nature, spend some time together talking and singing near the camp fire. It’s not impossible; we actually envision this happening sooner or later. Until then, we let our music keep us together!

We are glad to see that our music is appreciated! We are grateful for your 10.000 signs of support! We will be active on our Facebook page and blog to keep you connected to our World, to our latest news, concerts, projects! Keep up with us!


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