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Come to life

 Today we’ll just let you take a look at one of the reviews to our new EP “Come to Life”. By the way, you can listen to it on our SoundCloud and buy our tracks for iTunes and many other places. Enjoy!


The eclectic band known as Modiwo has released their newest collection of original songs, titled, “Come to Life.” The debut EP is comprised of four extremely creative and unique tracks, “Homeless,” “Cold World,” “Samurai Katagi,” and “The Call.” This small clutch of selections from Modiwo represents some of their best material to date, and serves as an excellent introduction to their beautiful and unlikely sound for the uninitiated music fan.

In describing the sound of Modiwo, one cannot simply compare their component parts with the attributes of other music artists. Modiwo resists classification and pigeonholing. Upon pressing ‘play,’ one first hears what sounds like world music – and indeed, it is world music after a fashion. However, there are also too many rock ‘n’ roll characteristics present to put them on the shelf next to “Sounds of the Rainforest.”

Modiwo has a strong percussion emphasis, with a flute holding up their melody in place of an electric guitar. Raw, natural, warm tones flow through them like a sirocco wind, especially in the case of their female lead vocalist, whose singing is earnest and direct, clarion, and never quite lilting. Neither is Modiwo afraid to incorporate electronic and digital instrumentation, though their mojo mainly draws from acoustic sources, such as woodwinds and drums. The prominent drums of Modiwo, in conjunction with a vibrant, progressive bass guitar, often become the focal point and motivating powerhouse of their sound, such as in the building crescendo of “Samurai Katagi.”

The remarkable color and groove of Modiwo is largely due to the chemistry of the band members, which is palpable, as well as to the affinity they have with their audiences.

“As a band,” Modiwo writes, “our passion for unexplored musical treats made us come together and find out what makes us and our audience vibe. We just listen to ourselves and to the world, and share it back in the form of music. [Come to Life] is the beginning of this journey.”

Upon being asked about the message their EP might share for their listeners, Modiwo speaks in terms of people, not principles. “Our love for music has no boundaries,” they explain, “because people, no matter the nationality, cannot be closed inside invisible administrative rules. We are normal musicians that got in love with world’s greatest gift – its music. Our music tells stories of love, sadness or happiness inspired by the diversity found in different times or places around the world.”

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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