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Let’s talk about what inspires us as people and how all our day to day experiences are a great inspiration in our music. We love enjoying spare time together and doing new things. One incredible experience was when we visited an animal shelter and had the chance to invite lamas to our next concert! :) Let’s evaluate some characteristics of lamas and the connection between them and us!

  • Lamas are very friendly and intelligent that can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions. Their generally calm nature and common sense make lamas easy to everyone to handle. Just like lamas, we socialize with you, we speak the same language: music. We know friendly means emotions, joy and energy. That’s what we want to offer you, a lot of energy and feelings through our songs!
  • Lamas live in herds, they live as a family and they take care of each other. We do the same and emphasize a lot with the idea of having a second family: a modiwian family. Our ideas and concepts about music bring us together. But, during a concert, we become a big family just because music unites us.

And now… let’s go together in a journey of the mind!

When we see “lama”, we think about percussion music and instruments. Tribal mood. What if for our next concert we organize a special jam session moment for our lama fans? They are highly sociable beings, so they deserve recognition from time to time! We’ll organize this imaginary concert under the clear blue sky in South America, in their natural environment. We’ll play all kinds of instruments and lamas will accompany us. So, what do you say? Care to join us in our crazy trip?



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