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Fruit Fusion Caravan – Cluj Napoca


Fruit Fusion small

The Fruit Fusion Caravan comes back home to its origins. Cluj-Napoca is the city where all the Fruit Fusioning started, where we met great support from everybody. Our friends from Cluj City Hall, OSUT, BCJ and Life Force make this come true. Last time it was 800 kg. of fruits. Let’s beat the record this time. Take your fruits and bring them to the show. we’ll take care of the rest! Next day we go to different orphanages and share your gifts. See you there!

Fruit Fusion is an original band concept. It represents both our life philosophy and our musical gift put to a noble cause. These series of concerts open the opportunity for everybody to participate in our fun fruit raising project. It’s very simple: we play for fruits. All the fruits collected are thereafter distributed to different children and elder people shelters. The entrance fee is one kilo of fruits. You provide the Vitamin C we provide the Vitamin F(un)!