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What if modiwo was...

Through everything we do, we try to give you the best of our world. To show our appreciation for your enthusiasm, today we start a new blog category to entice your imagination. “What if Modiwo was…” is a creative exercise through which we want to take you on a journey of how would Modiwo look if it was different elements of our day by day world. Sounds interesting, right? Here we go! First one is right here: What if Modiwo was… a food?

Let’s see… It would be something full of vitamins to give you a lot of energy, it would be green, because we love nature, it would be fresh, because this is how we like our music to be, and of course, a colorful and exuberant mix to awaken all your senses! It’s almost summer, so the best food to describe us is a tasty rainbow salad! Not a Caesar salad or a Greek salad. It would be a Modiwo salad! Can a salad be funky? We say “Oh yeah!”

All the flavors and freshness gathered in a bowl give you the energy you need for a healthy life. Just like our music gives you the joy and energy you need to connect to the world in a special moment of inspiration and positiveness.

Take a walk in the woods, look around! What do you see? A green landscape, colorful flowers, singing birds, a blue sky, all these giving you the feel of freedom! Our salad would be yummy, fresh and with a spice of freedom in a bowl! Vegetables, fruits, flowers, dressing, an exploding mix, unique and absolutely tasty!

Why a salad? We love nature, healthy lifestyle and we try to express beauty! Our songs are a mix of alternative styles that gives you the freedom and the freshness you seek in music. We encourage the connection with nature, and a salad best expresses this. Through our 25 different instruments, we offer the same colors and flavors as the visual and gustatory impact of a funky salad. The sound of our instruments cause an explosion of feelings just like a salad causes an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

What food would you be? We want to hear your crazy ideas!


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